Our Medical Commitment

For over 25 years, our doctors have focused on supplying medical services to the entertainment industry and with the inception of Hemisphere Management group have added the provisions of other medical & paramedical divisions so as to not only support the industry but become a “ONE STOP” medical service provider. The team know, first-hand, the health & safety requirements that challenge event, travel and entertainment medicine.

Headed by Dr Bill Anseline, our highly pedigreed and qualified team of doctors, paramedics & allied health professionals are leaders in the provision and implementation of all medical management and support systems for entertainment worldwide. We work closely with our clients to deliver confidential and complete medically tailored services:

Client Services

Dedicated direct 24 hour phone number to our experienced Hemisphere doctors for on-call assistance with acute medical issues.

On Set or venue visitations to assist with medical support for principals and tour personnel.

Pre-tour or pre shoot medical check upon arrival to determine and treat medical issues and maximise health management across the tour.

Hotel visits for principals, production team and entourage.

Allied Health Services

Hemisphere also offers the following allied health services:


Osteopaths provide such treatments as massage, manipulation, muscle energy and craniosacral therapy.


Physiotherapists provide a wide range of treatments including massage, electrotherapy, taping, dry needling and exercise based interventions.

Massage Therapy

Whole body or specific location remedial or relaxation massage.


Ear Nose and Throat doctors who specialise in voice and vocal medicine.

Psychology / Psychiatry

Psychiatrists and therapists who provide confidential 24-hour counselling and mental health care and support.


Our pharmacists can source either the same medication or bioequivalent medications worldwide. We source bulk supply of Rapid Antigen Tests too.


Therapists who focus on manipulation techniques for the spine.

Our Medical & Allied Health Experts

Global Officers

Dr. Paul Pepe

Global Medical Director

Dr. Sean Rothwell

Accident & Emergency Specialist

Darren Cowan

Global Paramedic Co-ordinator

Natalie Perkins

Global Allied Health Co-ordinator

Medical Network Leaders

Dr. John Gullotta

Senior Medical Officer

Dr. Andrew Perry

Senior Medical Officer

Dr. Neil Cleaver

Orthopaedic and Spinal Surgeon

Dr. John Cameron

Senior Medical Officer

Dr. Mike Cadogan

Senior Medical Officer

Dr. Corey Cunningham

Senior Medical Officer

Dr. Michelle Roesler

Head of Psychology and Mental Health

Dr. Debbie Phyland

Voice Specialist & ENT Co-ordinator

Dr. Mark Miller


Our Medical & Allied Health Experts

Global Officers


Dr Paul Pepe

Global Medical Director

Paul E. Pepe, MD, MPH is a Professor of Emergency Medicine, Internal Medicine, Surgery, Pediatrics, Public Health and the Riggs Family Chair in Emergency Medicine (EM) as well as the Director of Regional Out-of-Hospital Care Systems and Event/Disaster Preparedness in the Office of Health System Affairs at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas, USA. He simultaneously serves the City of Dallas as its Director of Medical Emergency Services for Public Safety, Public Health & Homeland Security and as the Emergency Medical Services/Public Safety Medical Director for Dallas County government.

A protégé of Drs. Michael Copass and Leonard Cobb, the legendary medical directors of the renowned Seattle EMS system, he served in the 1970s as the “street doctor” for Seattle who was responsible evaluating the performance of those extremely advanced paramedics as an adjunct to his own primary role in creating innovative research in the realm of resuscitation medicine. Later, in the 1980s, he was recruited to the City of Houston to drive similar improvements in out-of-hospital care. Under his leadership, Houston EMS crews dramatically increased the survival rates for both cardiac arrest and critical trauma patients. This success was largely accomplished by stewarding and continually innovating care starting with dispatch office actions and on-scene pit-crew interventions to advanced intra-transport techniques and eventual receiving facility management of the most critically ill and injured patients. An omnipresent responder on the streets of Houston over the next decade, he rapidly became a role model for the future subspecialty of out-of-hospital emergency practice for which he helped to found the National Association of EMS Physicians (NAEMSP). Simultaneously, he also pioneered best practices for multi-casualty incident management, law enforcement tactical medicine concepts and mass gathering healthcare preparedness.

Formally publishing the results of his novel yet scientifically-proven interventions and the associated exceptionally-high survival rates, he caught the attention of those responsible for care of high-level protectees including the President of the United States. He was eventually designated as the Emergency Medicine and Trauma Consultant to the White House Medical Unit by successive physicians to the President and he was also sought by other nations for his expertise in out-of-hospital emergency care. In turn, he was sought by leaders in other high-profile arenas including the National Basketball Association (NBA) trainers and chief security officers for major entertainment tours.

Recognizing the breadth and scope of special event and protective medicine activities, he later coined the term, Event Medicine (EVM), in the medical literature and he has since championed an EVM academic model (specialized research and formal training) for those healthcare providers participating in mass gathering medical care and other high risk/high profile events. Today he has teamed up with world leaders in the realm of global entertainment medicine including the icon of EVM at the Hemisphere Group, Dr. Bill Anseline, and Dr. William Brady of the University of Virginia, a longstanding leading researcher in the study of mass gathering events, with whom Dr. Pepe is creating a gold standard manual on event medicine on behalf of the American College of Emergency Physicians.

Dr. Pepe’s long term vision is to create formal fellowship training programs and eventual establishment of EVM as a recognized specialty in the House of Medicine. Today, as the national coordinator of the U.S. Metropolitan EMS (9-1-1 system) Medical Directors Coalition, he also leads a de facto EVM physician alliance in the U.S. and has helped to establish local contacts and medical advance plans for major tours and special operations. Simultaneously, he fostered the development of incorporated SWAT doctors in law enforcement tactical response and the development of toxicological, environmental and travel medicine expertise for mass gathering care providers. He has been an imbedded physician for large entertainment tours such as U2 and had back-up leadership roles in major U.S. disasters including Hurricane Katrina and the Dallas Police Ambush Shootings.


Dr Sean Rothwell

Accident & Emergency Specialist

Dr Sean Rothwell is a Fellow of the Australasian College for Emergency Medicine.  He is Director of Emergency Medicine at the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital Emergency Department and Medical Director of Vanguard Health.

His other qualifications include a Masters in Health Management, Associate Fellowship of the Royal Australasian College of Medical Administrators and Fellowship of the Academy of Wilderness Medicine. His special interests are health management, event and disaster management, emergency ultrasound and wilderness medicine.  In his spare time he is a father of four and timber farmer in northern New South Wales.


Darren Cowan

Global Paramedic Co-ordinator

The Director of Paramedical & Rescue Services, Darren Cowan, is a qualified Intensive Care Paramedic and Rescue Technicians with over 15 years of experience. Darren has worked in a wide variety of countries and environments with a significant amount of experience in remote area work both nationally and internationally.

Darren has worked as an Intensive Care Paramedic in NSW, WA, NT and QLD as well as operations in PNG, Thailand, Laos, China, India, Philippines, Cambodia, Burma and more.

Darren is also a well-practiced and qualified Occupational Health & Safety Professional and Manager with many years’ operational experience in various industrial and high-risk environments.

Darren has a wealth of experience and multiple qualifications including a Masters in Occupational Health & Safety, Bachelors in Paramedicine, Post Graduate Degree in Remote & Offshore Medicine, Post Graduate in Intensive Care Paramedicine, Remote Medical Practitioner Qualifications and many more.


Natalie Perkins

Global Allied Health Co-ordinator

Natalie graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree, majoring in Anatomy and Exercise Physiology, at the University of Melbourne before completing a Bachelor of Applied Science in Physiotherapy at La Trobe University, Melbourne in 1992.

Natalie has extensive experience in sports medicine with a flair for chronic spinal disorders. She works as a clinical physiotherapist in a private practice setting as well as on tour with the professional athletes of Nitro Circus Live since their inception in 2007, completing tours in Australia, New Zealand, Europe and the USA. She has also been a provider of physiotherapy services for the Australian (Winter) Olympic Team, covered rugby union at Sydney University and Powerhouse (Melbourne), overseen the Australian Gymnastics Titles, worked for NSW Hockey at the Australian Womens’ Master Hockey Titles and supported a number of Redbull Australia Events (e.g. X Fighters, Cape Fear Big Wave).

As part of Hemisphere Medical Group she has also been responsible for providing physiotherapy services for events such as the Canada Vs USA Ice Hockey Tour, Fleetwood Mac, American College Football and Hill Top Hoods tours as well as being the therapist of choice for a number of individual celebrity personalities.

Natalie has also been a clinical educator for physiotherapy students for Newcastle University and Elon University (USA) as well as a guest lecturer for the Australian School of Medical Imaging and a clinical educator for post-graduate physiotherapists in India (via Salt Health Solutions)

Natalie’s extensive experience in sports management and, in particular event medicine have enabled her to create effective treatment protocols that provide rapid responses for clients. Her selection of other allied health staff on the Hemisphere Medical Group Team is significantly influenced by her commitment to providing top quality care and thus she had only engaged similarly minded and experienced practitioners.

Medial Network Leaders


Dr John Gullotta

Senior Medical Officer

A/Prof. John Gullotta has been a General Practitioner in Matraville, Sydney, since 1992. He graduated with honours from Newcastle University in 1991, after completing a degree in Pharmacy at the University of Sydney in 1986.
A/Prof. Gullotta has an extensive involvement in academia, medical organisations, media and community service.

In 2005 he was awarded the title of Adjunct Associate Professor, Sydney Medical School, University of Sydney.

He is the host of “Drivetime Radio Pharmacy” which was launched in 2013 and is a GP and Pharmacy reviewer for Md BriefCase, an on line learning module for doctors and pharmacists.

In 2014 A/Prof Gullotta was appointed Visiting Fellow in Pharmacy at the University of Technology Sydney, Graduate School of Health where he is involved in research projects and teaching pharmacy students.

He served as President of the Australian Medical Association (NSW), the state’s peak medico-political body, from 2004 to 2006. He was also an AMA Federal Councillor from 2005-2016 and is past Chair of the Federal AMA Therapeutics Committee. In 2006 he was admitted to the Australian Medical Association Role of Fellows in recognition of the sterling service and many years of dedication to the AMA.

Although A/Prof Gullotta is in full-time medical practice he retains his registration as a pharmacist, and sits on numerous pharmaceutical, medical and government advisory bodies including:

  • Poisons Advisory Committee, NSW Ministry of Health
  • Medicines Australia Code of Conduct Committee
  • Professional Services Review Committee

“Dr John” as he is affectionately known, is the original Sydney “Rock Doctor” with vast experience in the personalised and confidential medical care of performing artists, VIP’s and celebrities both local and international and he is a long standing member of the Hemisphere Group National Medical Team.

He is the recipient of many awards including the Inaugural University of Newcastle Alumni Medal and the University of Sydney 2007 Alumni Award for “Outstanding Achievement in Community Service” for his energetic contributions to medicine, medical education and pharmacy, as well as for his service to the Italian-Australian community in Sydney.

A/Prof. Gullotta’s extensive contribution to the profession was acknowledged when in 2007 he was appointed Member in the Order of Australia, AM for “service to medicine through a range of executive roles with professional medical associations and as a general practitioner, and to the Italian community”.


Dr Andrew Perry

Senior Medical Officer

Andrew is a specialist in Emergency Medicine and Pre-Hospital and Retrieval Medicine based predominantly in Adelaide, South Australia. He works three quarters of his time in South Australian Emergency Departments and the other quarter is spent providing aeromedical retrieval services across Queensland.

He has a further interest in event/mass gathering medicine whereby he has worked as a doctor at music festivals both in Adelaide and interstate.

He has been the principal Adelaide Hemisphere doctor since July 2013 during which time he has provided care to the majority of touring parties that Hemisphere has provided medical coverage to.  On the rare occasion he hasn’t been able to provide care himself he has a select group of doctors who provide care in his place that have been selected and up-skilled to meet Hemisphere’s standards.  Andrew is committed to Hemisphere Group’s ethos of providing timely, comprehensive and confidential care and ensuring continuity of care throughout a touring party’s Australasian journey.


Dr Neil Cleaver

Orthopaedic and Spinal Surgeon

Dr Neil Cleaver graduated from St Thomas’s Hospital, London, in 1996 with a BSc in Human Physiology and the MB BS in Medicine and Surgery. After completing an internship in the UK and spending 18 months working voluntarily in South America he moved to Australia and pursued a career in orthopaedic surgery via the Queensland branch of the Australian Orthopaedic Association, before finally sub-specialising in surgery of the spine.

Dr Cleaver maintains a surgical practice which is committed, where appropriate, to utilising motion preservation technologies such as total disc replacement (TDR) in surgical reconstructions. About 95% of Dr Cleaver’s practice is concerned with the application of minimally invasive procedures in his surgical reconstructions. Dr Cleaver pioneered the use of the minimally invasive extreme lateral total disc replacement in Australia (XL-TDR) and the extreme lateral interbody fusion technique (X-LIF), and is committed to further research and development in the field of minimally invasive surgical reconstructions of the spine.


Dr. John Cameron

Senior Medical Officer

John has worked in General Practice in Auckland since 1987 after qualifying in medicine from the University of Otago with M.B. Ch.B and B.Sc (Hons). He has been significantly involved in organised General Practice initiatives within New Zealand having worked for ProCare Health, New Zealand’s largest Primary Health Network, for over 18 years.


Dr. Mike Cadogan

Senior Medical Officer

Mike is an emergency physician with extensive VIP medicine and pre-hospital experience as team physician for the Australian Rugby Union (Wallabies) and Western Force (Super XV rugby). He is a medical educator co-founder of and author of numerous Emergency Medicine and Internal Medicine textbooks.


Dr. Corey Cunningham

Senior Medical Officer

Dr Cunningham is a Sport and Exercise Medicine Physician based in Sydney, NSW. He is a partner in 3 large multidisciplinary Sports Medicine Clinics, has been involved in elite sport since the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games

He currently works with professional football teams, the NSW Institute of Sport, the Australian Olympic Committee and the Australian Paralympic team, supervises Sports Physician registrars at all stages of their training, co-ordinates scientific conferences and regularly presents education sessions for Medical students, General practitioners (including those training in rural and remote areas of Australia), Physiotherapists and Exercise Physiologists.


Dr. Michelle Roeslier

Head of Psychology and Mental Health

DR MICHELLE ROESLER (PhD Health Psychology, Doctorate Organsiational Psychology) has extensive practical, clinical and research experience in the field of Psychology. She has worked with a diverse group of companies and individuals within Australia, Asia and the USA including PepsiCo, Santos and Singapore Airlines.

The individuals she has assisted one-to-one, range from children and teenagers, to elite athletes and high performance individuals. Dr Roesler has also developed courses and lectured in the area of Personality and Individual Differences (Griffith University, Australia) and mentors trainee Psychologists.

Dr Roesler is passionate about health and “whole person well-being”. She can assist you to better understand yourself, by identifying factors such as your unique traits, coping strategies and emotional response patterns. She also enables you to become more aware of how others perceive you. This process will better equipped to know your true self, and “keep it real” in this complex world. Areas that Dr Roesler
can assist you with include, but are not limited to:

  • Emotional exhaustion
  • Overload
  • Stifled Creativity
  • Procrastination
  • Perfectionism
  • Developing positive coping strategies
  • Anxiety
  • Anger
  • Resilience
  • Addiction (including drug, alcohol, social media and gaming)
  • Conflict
  • Lack of clarity
  • Fear of failure
  • Family/relationship dysfunction

Dr. Debbie Phalanx

Voice Specialist & ENT Co-ordinator

Debbie Phyland is a voice consultant and speech pathologist having primarily worked for the past 30 years in acute hospital settings, part-time lecturing at Latrobe, Melbourne and James Cook Universities and running her private voice practice, Voice Medicine Australia.

Debbie is also a music theatre singer-performer combining her love of performance with her speech pathology career, bringing voice medicine to the performing arts. In 2002, she was the recipient of a Churchill Fellowship and travelled to the USA and Europe to study laryngology in relation to singers.

As well as heading up the VMA team, Debbie is a co-founder and partner of the multi-disciplinary clinic The Melbourne Voice Analysis Centre. She also currently works part-time as the Clinical Research Coordinator for the ENT Head and Neck Department of Monash Health. Along with Fellowship category (2014), Debbie has been honored with the prestigious Speech Pathology Australia Association’s Elinor Wray Award (2010) for ‘Outstanding Contribution to the Profession’ and an Australian Voice Association Award for ‘Outstanding contribution to the Australian voice community’ (2014). 


Dr. Mark Miller

Accident and Emergency Specialist

Mark is a specialist in Emergency Medicine based in Newcastle, NSW. He is a Senior Staff Specialist in John Hunter Hospital’s busy public hospital trauma centre and is Co-Director of Lake Macquarie Private Hospital’s Emergency Department.

He has recent Pre-hospital and Retrieval Medicine experience. Mark is also a Director of Emergency Medicine training, an examiner for the Australasian College for Emergency Medicine and a Conjoint Lecturer for the University of Newcastle. . He has provided event medical support in Newcastle and the Hunter Valley since 2013.


Dr Fazard Jazayeri

Accident and Emergency Specialist

Dr Faz is an Emergency specialist and works in adult and children emergency departments of several major Sydney hospitals. He has provided event medical support such as City to Surf and Sydney Mardi Gras. His interests are teaching, education and quality improvement in medical practice at all levels, Toxicology and bedside ultrasound.

He is a conjoint lecturer and clinical examiner for the clinical school of University of New South Wales.


Dr Jin Lee

Senior Sport and Exercise Medicine Registrar

Jin is a senior sport and exercise medicine registrar based in Sydney. He has a broad range of experience providing medical coverage for multiple sporting codes including Rugby Union, Rugby League, A league soccer, cricket and tennis.

Jin currently works across multiple specialist sports medicine clinics in Sydney.


Dr Lane Hinchcliffe

Senior Medical Officer

Lane graduated from medicine at the University of Adelaide and began his medical career as a Paediatric Registrar, during which time he developed a strong interest in adolescent health.

A career change to become a GP followed time spent working in both the city and with regional communities, including Elcho Island, a remote community in the Northern Territory.  These early years in his career also saw his passions expand further to include community health, men’s health, mental health and HIV medicine.   

In 2014, Lane opened his own family medical practice, ‘The Health Hub Adelaide’.  Based in Glenelg, South Australia, the clinic is aimed at providing high quality primary healthcare that is accessible, affordable and personalised.

Such is his belief in accessible healthcare, Lane has established outreach clinics at local schools and retirement villages, as well as an Aboriginal Family Clinic at Noarlunga in partnership with SA Health.

Outside of medicine, Lane is a passionate musician and composer, having trained as a pianist and classical singer since he was young.  He was in fact enrolled to study music at the Sydney Conservatorium, majoring in composition, until he changed his mind and withdrew to study medicine instead.  Lane is the writer and composer of THE FRONT, a musical theatre piece following events surrounding the Battle of Fromelles in 1916.

Lane regularly speaks on radio as resident GP for Triple M Breakfast Show, ABC Radio and Five AA.  He is also a regular speaker and presenter at schools, medical conferences and via online media.


Dr Paul Burke

Senior Medical Officer

Dr Paul Burke has worked in General Practice in Melbourne since 2010 after qualifying in medicine from University College Dublin, Ireland.He is a senior GP partner in a large multidisciplinary practice based in Werribee, Victoria.

Since gaining his General Practice fellowship in 2010 he has completed extra training in Occupational Medicine regularly working with local industry in the western suburbs of Melbourne where he is involved in injury management, vaccination programs, health surveillance, skin cancer screening and organising return to work plans. He is a medical educator providing education sessions for medical students in his clinic and is an examiner with the RACGP.

In addition, on behalf of Hemisphere, Paul is the medical coordinator for the annual USA v Canada Ice Hockey Classic and the International Champions Cup at the Melbourne Cricket Ground. He has provided medical services to touring entertainment groups in Melbourne since 2010 and continues in this role with the Hemisphere Management Group providing medical cover not only in Melbourne but also coordinating touring group care across Victoria.