Our Medical Commitment

For over 25 years, our doctors have focussed on supplying medical services to the entertainment industry and with the inception of Hemisphere Management group have added the provisions of other medical & paramedical divisions so as to not only support the industry but become a “ONE STOP” medical service provider. The team know, first-hand, the health & safety requirements that challenge event, travel and entertainment medicine.

Headed by Dr Bill Anseline, our highly pedigreed and qualified team of doctors, paramedics & allied health professionals are leaders in the provision and implementation of all medical management and support systems for entertainment worldwide. We work closely with our clients to deliver confidential and complete medically tailored services:

Client Services

Dedicated direct 24 hour phone number to our experienced Hemisphere doctors for on-call assistance with acute medical issues.

On Set or venue visitations to assist with medical support for principals and tour personnel.

Pre-tour or pre shoot medical check upon arrival to determine and treat medical issues and maximise health management across the tour.

Hotel visits for principals, production team and entourage.

Allied Health Services

Hemisphere also offers the following allied health services:


Osteopaths provide such treatments as massage, manipulation, muscle energy and craniosacral therapy.


Physiotherapists provide a wide range of treatments including massage, electrotherapy, taping, dry needling and exercise based interventions.

Massage Therapy

Whole body or specific location remedial or relaxation massage.


Ear Nose and Throat doctors who specialise in voice and vocal medicine.

Psychology / Psychiatry

Psychiatrists and therapists who provide confidential 24-hour counselling and mental health care and support.


Our pharmacists can source either the same medication or bioequivalent medications worldwide.


Therapists who focus on manipulation techniques for the spine.

Our Medical & Allied Health Experts

Global Officers

Dr. Paul Pepe

Global Medical Director

Dr. Sean Rothwell

Accident & Emergency Specialist

Darren Cowan

Global Paramedic Co-ordinator

Natalie Perkins

Global Allied Health Co-ordinator

Medical Network Leaders

Dr. John Gullotta

Senior Medical Officer

Dr. Andrew Perry

Senior Medical Officer

Dr. Neil Cleaver

Orthopaedic and Spinal Surgeon

Dr. John Cameron

Senior Medical Officer

Dr. Mike Cadogan

Senior Medical Officer

Dr. Corey Cunningham

Senior Medical Officer

Dr. Michelle Roesler

Head of Psychology and Mental Health

Dr. Debbie Phyland

Voice Specialist & ENT Co-ordinator

Dr. Mark Miller