Dr Neil Cleaver

Trauma Specialist

Dr Neil Cleaver graduated from St Thomas’s Hospital, London, in 1996 with a BSc in Human Physiology and the MB BS in Medicine and Surgery. After completing an internship in the UK and spending 18 months working voluntarily in South America he moved to Australia and pursued a career in orthopaedic surgery via the Queensland branch of the Australian Orthopaedic Association, before finally sub-specialising in surgery of the spine.

Dr Cleaver maintains a surgical practice which is committed, where appropriate, to utilising motion preservation technologies such as total disc replacement (TDR) in surgical reconstructions. About 95% of Dr Cleaver’s practice is concerned with the application of minimally invasive procedures in his surgical reconstructions. Dr Cleaver pioneered the use of the minimally invasive extreme lateral total disc replacement in Australia (XL-TDR) and the extreme lateral interbody fusion technique (X-LIF), and is committed to further research and development in the field of minimally invasive surgical reconstructions of the spine.