An Innovative & Unique Company

Focussed on integrating tour medical, security, risk, insurance and legal services,
Hemisphere Management Group is a national and international leader in entertainment health management and risk mitigation that you can trust and rely on.

Committed to touring continuity

Streamlining processes and communication across multiple departments, Hemisphere’s unique approach ensures you can focus on delivering outstanding experiences to your clients and audience, knowing your event is in safe hands.

Backed by Decades of Experience

With the support and approval of countless artists, promoters and festival organisers across the globe, Hemisphere Management Group are proud to stand on the forefront of event health and risk mitigation by approaching potential issues from five united angles.

A global leader in entertainment health,
risk & safety management

Hemisphere Management Group is an innovative and unique medical, security and risk mitigation company who specialise in providing bespoke services on a national and global scale. Hemisphere brings together a unique integrated service the likes of no other seen in the entertainment industry.


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