Our Risk Commitment

At Hemisphere, we pride ourselves on offering an unparalleled ability to identify design shortfalls & pre-empt structural and logistic issues, with a foresight that only decades of hands-on experience working in event risk & safety management can bring.
With the state of the current world climate, risks should not be left to chance. Hemisphere will ensure that risk is mitigated through comprehensive investigation, assessment and treatment of any and all matters of concern. Offering a myriad of products and services geared to meet the current day demands for Corporate, Entertainment, Hospitality, Government and Private sectors.
Operatives, Doctors and Paramedics employed by Hemisphere are amongst the best in their field; all personnel have been specifically selected due to their extensive experience, integrity and work ethic. By incorporating OHS and risk mitigation processes into our provisions, Hemisphere Management Group are able to ensure optimum working conditions across all areas of event logistics, eliminating the potential complications caused when multiple contributors are utilised across dependent areas of event logistics.

Your event is in safe hands

We have you covered across all elements of event organising, including bump in/bump outprocesses, staging, site-specific infrastructure including access/egress flow, parking, staging and fire protection.

Our Services


  • On-site safety officers
  • On-site security officers
  • Remote/On-site compliance monitoring
  • Process implementation Management
  • Staff Training
  • Site Safety Inductions
  • Police and Emergency personnel liaison
  • Collate relevant WHS documentation
  • Supplier/Contractor compliance monitoring


  • On-site Risk Auditing
  • Transport/freight logistics assessments
  • Risk management processes
  • Emergency planning
  • Contingency logistics
  • Safety planning
  • Legislation & compliance
  • Site-specific Process Integration
  • Safety and Security Personnel Strategies

Our Risk Experts

Pat Fegan

Senior Risk Expert

Jon Corbishley

Risk Expert

Martin Rutter

Risk Expert