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Looking for a Unique Work Opportunity?

We are seeking individuals of all experience levels to join our global team of Medical, Paramedical, Allied Health, Security and OHS Specialists to provide incomparable services to our clients and patrons. Jobs may include working with specific entertainment venues, concerts, festivals, film and television sets, as well as working with high-risk special events including extreme sports.


Our team of experienced doctors provide on-call, on-site or touring continued care across the globe. This may include venue and hotel visitations, telemedicine and pre-tour medical checks.

Paramedic / EMT

Opportunities exist for all experience levels, with on tour, state-wide employment and interstate and international travel for suitable applicants supporting artists and extreme sports acts globally for medical, paramedical and other services.

Medical / Pharmacy Students

Our commitment to tour health and continuity, now includes the training of young doctors and pharmacy students in an exciting live event space, including complex, rural and crowded venues.

Allied Health

Hemisphere are proud to offer our clients the most holistic and expansive provision of medical services. Focussed on tour health, and pioneering our world-class continuity of care medical model to artists and performers, Hemisphere encapsulates a highly-skilled and experience network of Allied Health professionals.


We work closely with every one of our staff members, ensuring that all our contracted security personnel are aligned with Hemisphere’s world-class standards and principles. Our personnel are the driving force behind what sets us apart, by having a solid understanding of our clients, their venues, personnel and assets, as well as being completely engaged in Hemisphere’s procedures and requirements.


With a large part of our contribution leaning on the entertainment Industry, Hemisphere understands the importance of giving key delegates a unique level of personal security, whether interacting with members of the public, on-site at events or in transit. We are able to provide fully trained, trustworthy and experienced security officers with experience in Close Personal Protection duties.

Join Our Amazing Team

Hemisphere is one of the world’s fastest growing entertainment medical, security and risk services provider with operational streams reaching to high risk events including extreme sports, contact and motor sports, as well as working directly with artists and tour promoters and other key personnel. The company offers a range of workplace safety, emergency and risk planning, first aid training and consultancy. Our team enjoy a close-knit milieu whilst working in a relaxed, yet highly professional, dynamic environment.

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