With years of experience in the entertainment industry, Hemisphere Management Group has a multi-faceted team of doctors, paramedics, safety officers, security specialists throughout Australia and New Zealand. 

In this new world we now live in the Hemisphere Management Group can now assist you with your Event COVID Safe plans, comprehensive Infection Control Training for your staff including restructuring your departments, appropriate PPE and what to do with suspected or confirmed COVID cases. 

We have also identified the need for a Tour ‘start to finish’ Safe, Secure BIOSECURITY hub. This platform and framework will act as an industry standard for the management (Safety, Security, Medical and Health) for all tours/events that require the specialist knowledge of health, safety, security and events. The model is built around internationals standards of Prevention, Preparedness, Response, Recovery and Report.


The International Biosecurity Compliance Event Hub (IBCEH) will act as the master system for the ‘end to end’ health, safety and security management of your events taking into consideration the three pillars of Safety, Security and Health. It will consist of a layered platform of ‘protection’ and number of essential components and frameworks that covers all phases of an event life cycle.