Hemisphere Covid 19 Biosecurity


With an ever-changing world of the Covid 19 pandemic has dislocated and changed life and the planet as we know it!

BIOSECURITY is now at the at the forefront of all facets of life, business, leisure and travel and thus the need for a greater understanding of societies changing needs. Hemisphere Biosecurity has taken a lead and is at the forefront of  Covid  education, training,  prevention, management,  technology and innovation.

To this end Hemisphere’s medically directed risk management team have adopted and adapted to provide solutions and research in this ever-changing world. Our collective skill sets has positioned us to use our medical, security and risk knowledge to set up HEMISPHERE BIOSECURITY.

The Hemisphere Medical Advisory Board comprises of a host of highly skilled Doctors and Medical clinicians who are at the coalface of this pandemic. Our focus is on providing bespoke novel ways to integrate  knowledge and expertise around infectious disease training,  prevention and management which incorporate ‘end to end’ solutions.

A significant part of our future challenge and Bio Safety and Bio Security service offering involves aligning the People, Processes and Technology for safely quarantining and the inevitable movement of people and groups safely around the globe .

Drawing on our vast medical and security experience and long history of supporting high profile world recognised artists and their support teams, Hemisphere Biosecurity has developed a Biosecurity Compliance Hub (BCH) which is aimed at safely quarantining both International and National business, sporting,  music,  film and television and event groups with absolute privacy, discretion and safety .

The process firstly requires State Government approval and exemption.  Once granted the Biosecurity Hub requires individuals or parties to quarantine for a minimum 14 days. This ‘end to end service’ includes predeparture planning, covid-safe client airport pickup, arrival medical check, the transport of clients to their respective designated quarantine hubs. This comprehensive service includes 24/7 security and medical surveillance for 2 weeks along with concierge services which include  food coordination and other essential support measures.

In addition to facilitating acceptance criteria, procedures and risk management for the quarantine period, Hemisphere Biosecurity provides an after-quarantining support service which enables individuals, groups, movie casts and crew, athletes, and performers to then move throughout Australia safely and in full compliance with the ever-changing laws.

Hemisphere Biosecurity has had recent successes ranging from the first major world boxing event post-covid, the Tszyu vs Horn boxing fight,  imbedding of medical staff in sporting Hubs and transporting celebrity, sporting and movie” A” Listers for work purposes from high and low risk countries into Australia safely via our private quarantining service.

We are committed to assisting with the economic revival of our country by offering quarantining and post quarantining support services for International and National individuals and groups.

Hemisphere’s Biosecurity service encompasses the entire solution of quarantining applications along with safety, security, and medical plans for quarantining clients.

This ‘end to end’ service and support offering will help Australia safely reopen and will spearhead and   benefit our countries economic recovery.