Our Security Commitment

Hemisphere Management Group can cover all your event security requirements, both in the interest of the artists and touring personnel, as well as the audience. We offer a diverse range of services to suit any event, from remote systems consultation, to round the clock on-site and touring body guards, crowd control and crisis response teams.
With 25 years’ experience working on a variety of projects for countless exciting clients, Hemisphere know what’s coming. We have adapted, streamlined and consolidated world-class security procedures to ensure security risks are mitigated, and your organisation has the best possible protection around the clock.

Our Point of Difference

We work closely with every one of our staff members, ensuring that all our contracted security personnel are aligned with Hemisphere’s world-class procedures and protocols. Our personnel are the driving force behind what sets us apart, by having a solid understanding of our clients, their venues, personnel and assets, as well as being completely engaged in Hemisphere’s procedures and protcols.

Security Services

Hemisphere offers the following range of specialised security services:

Hemisphere can provide teams of security staff to assist with the setup and security deployment within the venues.

With a strong focus on security risk mitigation, and an adaptability to accommodate the requirements of any act or promoter, ensuring the most effective and suitable operation logistics are in place. Our expert on-site operatives can assist in a number of ways including:

  • Systems consultation
  • On or off site system monitoring
  • Event customised crowd control planning and management
  • Crisis response
  • CCTV Systems
  • Incident reporting and assessments
  • Real-time surveillance and response
  • Mobile Control Rooms (perfect for off-site events without breaking communication and reporting lines to home-base security)
  • Alarm systems, including direct emergency services directives

Our security experts work with your team to ensure operations run smoothly and efficiently.

At Hemisphere, we have found the process that achieves the best results. It involves assigning one of our senior security experts, appointed for the duration of a tour, whose specific role is to manage, maintain and ensure that your security provisions are the most effective and efficient for the tour’s needs and that you are receiving the best value for money. Not only is this dynamic greatly advantageous for maximizing the effectiveness of security provisions, it also greatly reduces expenses and complications associated with appointing local auditors along the tour.  Our expert on-site operatives can assist in a number of ways including:

  • Security, Risk and Safety audits
  • Designing and developing internal security protocols
  • Establishing customised access and accreditation solutions
  • Contingency planning
  • Establishing, managing and maintaining compliance requirements

The education and training for staff members can greatly increase the effectiveness of safety procedures.

While Hemisphere ensures you have the best possible safeguard against security risks, the education and training for staff members, particularly for large organisations, can greatly increase the effectiveness of safety procedures around the work place. Whether operating under business as usual, or reacting to real life emergency situations, Hemisphere are able to offer staff training and inductions as needed to ensure their involvement in evacuations and workplace incidents is guided, compliant and safe, including:

  • Evacuation training
  • Security/safety protocol and compliance
  • Fire safety training
  • Bomb threats, terrorism and natural disasters.
  • Additional medical training including First Aid.

At Hemisphere, we understand the value of knowing your artist is in safe hands at all times.

Security risks can arise in a number of ways, and no two situations are the same. We are able to provide trustworthy and highly trained security officers with experience in Close Personal Protection duties. These services could include:
  • Airport and Hotel pick-ups and transfers.
  • Advances for Hotels, venues etc.
  • Protection during public appearances.
  • Crisis Response.
  • Key delegate logistics – risk mitigation, contingency and planning.
  • Liaising with venues, hotels, emergency and combat services.

We can provide quality, experienced crowd control and asset security for events held anywhere.

This means that the security logistics for your entire tour, from on-site crowd staff to touring key performer bodyguards, are managed under the one roof. This streamlining of communication, protocol and operations, is invaluable in ensuring smooth continuity of care for your artists. Risks associated with miscommunications, last-minute changes in plans and conflicting supplier logistics, are all mitigated, no matter where you are across the tour.

It has become commonplace for contracted on-site security staff to receive little to no instruction prior to being appointed to a position. Too often, this means that policies and procedures dependent on teamwork, efficiency and unity have detrimental communication roadblocks in one of the most important operational streams of an organisation.

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Our Security Experts

Matt Crowfoot

Global Consulting Security Expert

Gio Gasparetti

Global Security Coordinator

Doug McCaulay

Security Consultant

Erik Hausch

Security Consultant