Pat Fegan

Senior Risk Officer

Pat Fegan has accrued a wealth of experience in his 20-year career, specializing in risk and security processes across a myriad of industries. His expertise lends itself to auditing, safety and security procedures, training, and risk management that are adaptable, highly-efficient, and fiercely holistic.

Pat has provided WorkCover Accredited Construction Induction (White-card) training and Health and Safety Committees courses for various staff and clients both in the A/C and Security industries, as well as developing and implementing OHS safety systems and procedures throughout his Air-conditioning career, providing the foundation for his extensive move into risk and safety for the live entertainment and events, tours, and corporate industries.

 Pat has been engaged by Nitro Circus since its commencement in 2010 to provide and manage the execution of their OHS systems including developing risk plans for events and media stunts, and regularly updating and adapting their OHS procedures to suit the local requirements in the cities where they perform worldwide.

 Pat’s expertise has been called up to develop and implement safety and risk systems, and prepare Risk Assessments for various major concerts and events throughout the country, working throughout Australia as a site safety officer for Rumba Music Festival, CMC Country Music Festival, StoneFest, and international tourist artists including One Direction, Bon Jovi, Eminem and Elton John, to name a few.