Darren Cowan

Global Paramedic Co-ordinator

The Director of Paramedical & Rescue Services, Darren Cowan, is a qualified Intensive Care Paramedic and Rescue Technicians with over 15 years of experience. Darren has worked in a wide variety of countries and environments with a significant amount of experience in remote area work both nationally and internationally.

Darren has worked as an Intensive Care Paramedic in NSW, WA, NT and QLD as well as operations in PNG, Thailand, Laos, China, India, Philippines, Cambodia, Burma and more.

Darren is also a well-practiced and qualified Occupational Health & Safety Professional and Manager with many years’ operational experience in various industrial and high-risk environments.

Darren has a wealth of experience and multiple qualifications including a Masters in Occupational Health & Safety, Bachelors in Paramedicine, Post Graduate Degree in Remote & Offshore Medicine, Post Graduate in Intensive Care Paramedicine, Remote Medical Practitioner Qualifications and many more.