Dr Andrew Perry

Senior Medical Officer

Andrew is a specialist in Emergency Medicine and Pre-Hospital and Retrieval Medicine based predominantly in Adelaide, South Australia.  He works three quarters of his time in South Australian Emergency Departments and the other quarter is spent providing aeromedical retrieval services across Queensland.

He has a further interest in event/mass gathering medicine whereby he has worked as a doctor at music festivals both in Adelaide and interstate.

He has been the principal Adelaide Hemisphere doctor since July 2013 during which time he has provided care to the majority of touring parties that Hemisphere has provided medical coverage to.  On the rare occasion he hasn’t been able to provide care himself he has a select group of doctors who provide care in his place that have been selected and up-skilled to meet Hemisphere’s standards.  Andrew is committed to Hemisphere Group’s ethos of providing timely, comprehensive and confidential care and ensuring continuity of care throughout a touring party’s Australasian journey.